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Micro-spatial histories of global labour
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  • 08/5545
  • Micro-spatial histories of global labour
  • Christian G. De Vito, Anne Gerritsen, editors.
  • Cham : Springer International Publishing, [2018] ©2018
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  • xxiii, 357 sidor : illustrationer
  • 978-3-319-58489-8
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*24510$aMicro-spatial histories of global labour /$cChristian G. De Vito, Anne Gerritsen, editors.
*260  $aCham :$bSpringer International Publishing,$c2018 (2017)
*264 1$aCham :$bSpringer International Publishing,$c[2018]
*264 4$c©2018
*300  $axxiii, 357 sidor :$billustrationer
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*5050 $aMicro-spatial histories of labour: towards a new global history / Christian G. De Vito and Anne Gerritsen -- Moving hands: types and scales of labour mobility in the late medieval eastern Mediterranean (1200-1500 CE) / Ekaterini Mitsiou and Johannes Preiser-Kapeller -- Catholic missions and native subaltern workers: connected micro-histories of labour from India and Brazil, ca. 1545-1560 / Giuseppe Marcocci -- Prisoners of war, captives or slaves? The Christian prisoners of Tunis and La Goleta in 1574 / Cecilia Tarruell -- Making the place work: managing labour in early modern China / Anne Gerritsen -- Woollen manufacturing in the early modern Mediterranean (1550-1630): changing labour relations in a commodity chain / Andrea Caracausi -- Connected singularities: convict labour in late colonial Spanish America (1760s-1800) / Christian G. De Vito -- Keeping in touch: migrant workers' trans-local ties in early modern Italy / Eleonora Canepari -- Spatiality and the mobility of labour in pre-unification Italy (eighteenth and nineteenth centuries) / Laura Di Fiore and Nicoletta Rolla -- Oil and labour: the pivotal position of Persian oil in the First World War and the question of transnational labour dependency / Touraj Atabaki -- 'On the unwary and the weak': fighting peonage in wartime United States: connections, categories, scales / Nicola Pizzolato -- From traces to carpets: unravelling labour practices in the mines of Sierra Leone / Lorenzo D'Angelo.
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*7001 $aDe Vito, Christian G.$4edt
*7001 $aGerritsen, Anne,$d1967-$4edt
*852  $5Ya$bYa$j08/5545
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